Birthday giveaway🎉

Let's celebrate a canon birthday with a FREE e-book!

6/5/20231 min read

Ah so, welcome to my blog section.

I wanted to take a little bit of the internet space to unleash my thoughts in a format that exceeds the 280 characters the Twitter allows and I think that a blog feature might be just what the doctor has ordered.

There's Facebook, I realize, but I still haven't mustered the courage to get in there. TikTok, the same. Ugh. Like. Comeon. I was only able to write a couple of books because I share the same enthusiasm to social media as a vampire to a garlic brioche.

But... Anyway. Let's crack on.

Let's make it a tradition to celebrate a character's birthday with a FREE E-BOOK GIVEAWAY to share the fun.

Most of my characters have their birthday somehow hinted at; some of them are stated clearly, some of them less.

Those, whose birthdays do not happen to be a central mystery of the series, I would like to celebrate with regular birthday e-book giveaway and a guessing game.

The first up: 7th of June is the canon birthday of one of the main characters of the series.

To make the guess easier I made a companion mood board with their iconic beats. Can you make the guess? 😋

On 8th of June the Enlightenment of the Rogue Emperor becomes FREE on the Amazon! ENJOY! 🎉